10 tips how to make money fast.

10 tips how to make money fast.

10 tips how to earn money fast.

Things that almost anyone can do to make money.

People have always been drawn to wealth. Loosely based on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, it sounds like this:

At the money hangs, to the money pushes nevertheless everything.

But quick wealth can hardly be achieved, certainly not without diligence and own commitment. “The road to fame is paved with work” is another, no less true proverb. That’s why you can forget about all the promises of quick money without any effort.

False promises

Who does not know them the announcements and sides in the net, which promise to everyone to earn without large expenditure at the moment 10.000 euros to earn or even in a short time to become a millionaire. All you have to do is buy the secret, but all the more effective e-book for it. Then the money starts to trickle all by itself.

The only one who gets the money is the book seller. All others go out empty. Everyone knows this, and yet so many people fall for it again and again. Thereby there are absolutely methods, how one can really come to money. And quite legally and in reality.

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10 tips on how to make money

  1. Get a job and go to work
    This tip is as simple as it sounds. But there are some contemporaries who believe without work to get money. This will not work.
    However, it is also important to look for a job where the time spent and the proceeds are in balance. And that is the real crux of it.
    Possible earnings: 450 to 2.100 € per month
  2. Sell things you don’t need (anymore)
    Who does not know. In cupboards, in the cellar and/or on the attic things pile up, which were acquired sometime once, but which one does not really need. Part with these things! Everything you haven’t used for a year is superfluous. Sell the things on the Internet or at flea markets. Then usually tidy money comes together.
    Possible earnings: up to several 1.000 euros, depending on the things available
  3. Collect deposit bottles and cans
    Since Jürgen Trittin (Greens) had to implement the can deposit invented by Angela Merkel herself, the money is practically lying on the street. The pledge provides many people in Germany with a little income.
    Possible earnings: 10 to 20 € per day
  4. Go donate blood
    Donating blood can earn you up to 25 euros per donation. However, not at the Red Cross u.ä. Organizations. Money for blood, on the other hand, can be found in hospitals, university clinics or pharmaceutical companies. Simply times inquire witthout obligation. You can turn your lifeblood into money up to 10 times a year.
    Possible earnings: up to 25 € per blood donation
  5. Become a test patient
    As a test person for clinical studies you can earn relatively much money. Provided you are healthy and you are aware of the dangers that may lurk in such tests. Depending on the test series, you can earn up to 1.000 Euro in it. For it one needs mostly only ambulatory to be tested medicines to take. The time expenditure is therefore very small. If you actually have to stay in the hospital for a test, then you will also get more money.
    Possible earnings: 100 up to several 1.000 € per test series
  6. Take surveys
    On the Internet it is very easy. Marketing agencies are always interested in what consumers think of certain products and services. Just google for surveys. Depending on the length and scope of the survey, you can earn different amounts of money.
    Possible earnings: from a few cents up to 10 € per survey
  7. Use smartphone apps
    For the smartphone there are some apps (mostly for Android and iOS), with which you can easily earn money, bspw. Streetspotr. With this app, you take pictures of your surroundings, the products in the supermarket or have to answer questions according to the tasks you are given. These microjobs bring in a lot of money compared to the effort involved.
    Possible earnings: 1 to 5 € per task
  8. Sell photos
    The digital revolution has completely changed photography in just a few years. Today, anyone can take photos, with his smartphone. On special platforms one can sell these photos as so-called stock photographs. For this, however, they should stand out a little from the mass of millions of photos that are taken every day.
    Possible earnings: 0.25 – 10 € per image
  9. Have advertising sent to you
    Advertising by e-mail you get anyway. Why not earn money with it. With so-called Paidmailer providers, you can sign up and then receive regular e-mail from these. In the mail there is a confirmation link. If you click on it, you get a credit for it. However, this is not very high. More than 20 cents per mail is not possible. In order to get interesting sums, you have to read and click on a sufficient number of advertising mails.
    Possible earnings: 0.03 – 20 cents per mail
  10. Transfer cars
    There are quite a few black sheep in this industry. That’s why it’s important to find out beforehand how the provider’s payment morale is doing. If possible insist on prepayment. If this is clear, one can earn good money with the transfer of cars, for example for car dealerships, but much more for rental car companies. Valid driver’s license required.
    Possible earnings: 7 to 10 € per hour, plus possible bonuses

Real tips

These 10 tips actually work, contrary to the many baseless promises from the far reaches of the Internet. But as you can see, no one gets by without their own efforts. With some one must take even dangers on itself.Statements like “500 EUR from home earn” can be forgotten against it confidently. This will not work.

The only way to get a lot of money without working for it is to play the lottery, with a little luck and tax free. Likewise, you can use your sporting knowledge in sports betting and hope to make a profit. But all this is not income that you could firmly plan for. Only with luck can come here to money.

If you want guaranteed income, you have to earn your money hard. The 10 tips above can be a help for that.

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