Germans enthusiastically play sports betting

Germans enthusiastically play sports betting

Germans are enthusiastic sports bettors

Sports betting brings in a lot of revenue for the tax offices.

The desire for sports betting seems to be unbroken in Germany. From July to December 2012 alone, sports bets placed by Germans generated tax revenues of around 80 million euros for the tax offices. EUR gives. From this you can see that the sports betting business is booming, because the providers have to pay tax on 5 percent of the stakes. Accordingly, the stakes placed by customers at approx. 3.2 billion EUR located.

Black market

Many sports bets, however, are made in the black. Also to blame is the complicated German law on the subject of sports betting. Currently, online sports betting providers are officially allowed to start only in Schleswig-Holstein. Since lottery and gambling are state matters, each state decides for itself alone what kind of bets and which providers it permits.
With the exception of Schleswig-Holstein, all other countries have largely banned gambling on the Internet. Thus, although 20 online providers of sports betting will be allowed, casino games and online poker remain prohibited. This brought the EU Commission onto the scene and demanded an amendment to the German State Treaty on Gaming. How this will turn out remains to be seen. The mills in Brussels but also in this country grind as is well known slowly.


Meanwhile, betting operators are calling for extensive liberalization of the German gambling market. In addition the 5 per cent taxes on the play stake are much too high for them. Instead, they offer as a compromise a taxation of the gross gross profit. The providers could certainly live with 20 percent.

Meanwhile, the Germans continue to gamble. Sports betting is popular. Also because you don’t have to bet blindly on a result like in the lottery, but can use your expertise instead. But luck is also part of the game.

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