Bingo – much more than just a game for older people

Bingo – much more than just a game for older people

Bingo – much more than just a game for older people

Bingo traditionally has the reputation of being a game for older people. This is mainly because this game is a real hit with seniors in the USA and in other countries as well. These often participate in weekly bingo tournaments held in gyms or special bingo centers.

But while bingo is certainly still very popular with these people today, the game has also become very popular on the Internet over the years. In numerous online casinos, different variants of online bingo are offered, which make the well-known game system a lot faster and more action-packed.

Today we will take a look at the history of bingo and show why this game is no longer just popular with older people. In fact, bingo on the internet can be one of the most exciting games to play on casino sites like Casino Professor.com/en.

What is Bingo?

Bingo is a game that is similar in structure to Lotto. Just as in the well-known 6 out of 49, balls are also drawn from a drum in bingo, which are labeled with different numbers. Each player has his own ticket, on which random numbers are written. Unlike the lottery, the player cannot choose which numbers he wants to try his luck with.

The goal of bingo is to hit rows of numbers or the entire ticket by the numbers drawn. The first person to fill a row or the ticket wins the game and thus a fixed prize.

When and where was the bingo game invented?

The history of bingo is quite interesting. Above all, the name of the game, which has now become a common expression for success in other areas of life, came about through a funny story of confusion.

The bingo game probably has its roots in Mexico or South America. A US American named Edwin Lowe observed a group of Latin American men playing a form of the game at a fair. Instead of paper game tickets, these used beans to mark the numbers hit. After one of the men had collected a full row, he shouted loudly “Beano!”, the Spanish word for bean.

The discovery of Edwin Lowe was at the beginning of the 20. Century. He took a liking to the exciting and easy way of playing, and started to organize tournaments of the game in New York. He was also the one who first used a ticket and a drum with numbers on it. After one player won a big prize, she shouted “Bingo” in excitement!”and the name of the game was born.

Over the years, the game made its way from New York to the rest of the world. Today it is played in all countries of the world. In the casinos of Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Macau, as well as in Germany, bingo is extremely popular with many people.

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How do the rules of Bingo work?

The rules of Bingo are very simple. At the beginning of each round, each player receives a ticket that is already filled with numbers. Usually numbers between 1 and 75 are used, but in exceptional cases numbers 1 to 100 are also used.

A ticket usually contains 24 numbers, which are divided into five rows of five numbers each. The middle box of the ticket is traditionally left blank to make it harder to form rows. Thus, diagonal combinations are also not possible, but only horizontal and vertical rows.

After each player receives a ticket, the first draw takes place. In most tournaments, several numbers are drawn at certain intervals. For example, the game could be played by drawing five numbers every five minutes.

Each player marks the numbers hit on his ticket. As soon as he has hit a complete row, he shouts “Bingo” and can then enjoy a win. The biggest prize is awarded to the player who fills up the entire ticket.

Winnings are determined on the basis of a predetermined payout table. Each player must pay a fee before starting to play in order to receive a ticket to play. One possible payout system is that the first three players to have a full row will each receive cash prizes, as well as the first player with the whole ticket.

What differences does online bingo offer?

Bingo can now be played online for several years. In principle, it is exactly the same game system, but there are some important differences.

First of all, the player on the Internet does not have to mark himself which numbers he has hit on his game ticket. The system does this automatically, which speeds up the game play tremendously. At the same time, the numbers are also drawn much faster. While this makes for more action, many players miss the excitement that comes with each draw of the numbers at “real” bingo. On the Internet, the game feels more like a video slot than a lottery draw.

As is usual on the Internet, different variants of the game are also offered at online bingo. For example, there is Turbo Bingo, where the numbers are drawn at a rapid pace. As a result, players here can complete a lot more games in the same amount of time, which makes for a lot more action. With many titles, the player can also play several bills at the same time and thereby increase his chances of winning enormously.

Another advantage of online bingo is that the games are available and around the clock and from any location. So today, online bingo can also be played from the comfort of your smartphone, making your time on the train a little more exciting.

Are there bingo tips to increase his winnings?

Who wants to win more money at bingo, it is not so easy. Indeed, the game is based entirely on the principle of chance. The player has no influence on which numbers are drawn. For online bingo, there are still some important tips to keep in mind while playing.

First of all, every player should always play responsibly and keep a close eye on his budget. If you risk too much money in a single game, you always run the risk of having a bad run and going broke in the process.

Another tip on the Internet is to always look for online casinos that distribute the largest possible bonuses to their players. Even though you can’t control the outcomes of the games, the bonus offers give players plenty of chances to get extra money from the casino.

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