BinGO! Special draw for Mother’s Day 2023

BinGO! Special draw for Mother’s Day 2023

BinGO! Special draw for Mother's Day 2023

For all BinGO! it is especially worthwhile to play in this week of May.

For one thing, the jackpot remained untouched in the bingo draw last Sunday. Therefore, the current jackpot now stands at around 630.000 Euro. For this lottery this is already a fabulous value.

On the other hand, in addition to all other normal prizes, there is a special draw on the occasion of Mother's Day.

AmGO! Mother's Day special draw

In the draw on Sunday, 10.05.2023 there are additional

100x 1.000 € and 25x VW Polo Comfortline

To have a chance to win these great additional prizes, all you need to do is buy a normal bingo ticket. With this ticket you have as always the chance to win simple BinGO!, Double BinGO! or Triple BINGO!, and on this Sunday, the 10. May 2023 also on the above-mentioned additional prizes, such as money and cars. And all this without additional costs.

We wish all mothers a great Mother's Day, even or especially in Corona time. And good luck to all bingo players.

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