Psychological game

Psychological game

Psychological game

The gambling behavior of each individual can certainly be considered an interesting phenomenon. Often good mood after a success experience lead to increased readiness to take risks. The trigger for this can have the most different causes.

A successful business deal, the victory of your favorite team, a sunny day on vacation or the bargain you bought in a sale makes us more daring. In a positive mood, even the most cautious character tends to risk his luck at the game.

The constant availability of gambling in online casinos naturally makes it especially easy to give in to one’s inner impulse. Often additional chances and lucrative bonus promotions are waiting to continue his sense of achievement with the necessary thrill. If it succeeds to skim off a sumptuous profit, that lifts our mood additionally.

Then it is called however to take itself at the nose and not to become overconfident. The high can end just as quickly with a crash landing, and that would be a shame. Even in the case of gambling, it is therefore sometimes sensible to adhere to the old folk wisdom: Always stop when it’s at its best.

Superstition and false expectations

Fun and games are two words that have been inseparable since ancient times. Whether it is dice games or Olympic games, man has always loved to amuse himself with gambling or sports betting. Excitement and thrill provide euphoria and are at the same time balm for the soul.

Often the own firm conviction tempts to higher risk. For example, if a team has won all the games of the season, the sports fan expects his favorite to win for sure. Higher sums are wagered, since one expects at the end even more profit to bring in.

Of course, this can go quite badly in the eye. After all, even every top team has a bad day at some point, which could be just today. This, in turn, benefits those who, on principle, place bets with high risk and bet on underdogs with higher betting odds.

The situation is similar with gambling. Let’s take roulette as an example. The ball has already landed in the red field eight times in a row. This tempts the gambler to bet everything on a black number now. Once again the ball rolls, Rien ne vas plus, the spins of the roulette wheel slow down until the decision is made. For the ninth time, the croupier distributes the winnings to fellow players who had bet on red. You go empty yourself again.

It is an irrefutable fact, gambling is based purely on chance and is neither predictable nor manipulable. Any regularities or repetitions are neither recognizable nor present. Just as well you can trust your luck talisman in your pocket.

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The lure of the one-time big win

Whether playing the lottery or slot machines, there is a magical attraction to any jackpot worth millions of dollars. Many want to jump on this bandwagon to profit from the big pie. Thus, more tickets are bought in the lottery outlets and likewise higher amounts are invested in the respective slot machines.

There is always a sense of anticipation until a jackpot is hit and the lucky winner is determined. But hand out of heart, when viewed objectively, there are only minimal chances of being one of these lucky people. Certainly, who does not dare, that does not win, however, the chances of winning smaller sums are undoubtedly greater.

One should be aware that the prospect of millions in winnings is an intended psychological incentive to encourage increased gambling among the population. For success and fun it is always important to have your own psyche under control. As in the rest of life, it is also important to keep an eye on the golden mean when gambling. Unstable characters may be at risk of being among the 1% of the population who suffer from gambling addiction.

Why we love to gamble:

  • It has been part of our actions and doings since time immemorial
  • Already as children we learn to know the world by playing
  • One can escape from reality and everyday problems
  • We travel through other times and to foreign places
  • Our imagination is stimulated
  • The excitement of gambling puts us in a lucky mood
  • We hope for reward and want to win

Betting and gambling is a wonderful pastime if you don’t lose your balance. With an entertaining gaming experience, you get the exciting break from everyday life and, with a little luck, a worthwhile profit. However, there is no guarantee to emerge as the winner of the day. The sure winner is and remains the gambling operator. No matter whether it is a state-owned company or one of the countless online casinos and betting portals.

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