Secure payment options in online casinos

Secure payment options in online casinos

Secure payment options in online casinos

Security and speed make the difference.

Online casinos enjoy great and increasing popularity. Gaming fun and entertainment from the comfort of your own computer from home are high on the list of priorities for many gamers. Roulette, poker, blackjack, slot machines and other games can thus play everyone without having to leave the house. And even on the road from the smartphone, the use of online casinos is possible, thanks to the finally widespread provision of broadband Internet, even in the flat countryside.

Most online casinos offer their players the use of play money. So everyone can test the offered games without obligation and without financial risk. If a player then wants to play with real money, in order to increase the attraction and also to be able to win real money, some differences between the individual providers become apparent.
Payment by credit card, such as Visa, Mastercard or Amex, offer almost all online casinos. With other payment options, such as Skrill or bank transfer, some already have to pass. However, if you as a player want to use the payment service Paypal, for example, then the ranks thins out further.

Provider with Paypal

Only very few trustworthy online casinos offer their customers this payment option. This is usually due to the fees that the casino has to pay to Paypal for payment processing.

For players, online casinos with Paypal offer only advantages. Paypal, a payment service originally founded by the auction platform ebay, is a very secure and trustworthy payment option. The further positive aspect, which speaks for Paypal, is the speed. Quasi in real time the payment is booked and is thus available to the player for his games in the online casino.

Use Paypal

On the Internet Paypal is widely used because of these advantages, not for online casinos. Also many online merchants use Paypal as an additional payment option to the usual payment methods, such as credit card, bank transfer and cash on delivery.

The creation of a user account at Paypal is very easy possible. Once the account is created, you can then confirm the payment by entering your Paypal email address and password on a special payment page to which you are automatically redirected. This means that you never have to enter your personal account data or Paypal information on foreign sites. This makes this payment option even more secure.


In addition to credit cards and bank transfer, many online casinos also offer the possibility to pay by paypal. Players should clearly give priority to such providers.

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