Who bets does not only win – also bad luck streaks must be planned in

Who bets does not only win – also bad luck streaks must be planned in

Who bets does not only win – also bad luck streaks must be planned in

It is the very special attraction that makes gambling and betting in the end. Because the chance that one is the one who can land the big coup and crack the jackpot, finally, everyone secretly imagines with every bet. Landing a bull’s eye for once. Whether it is a soccer match or a horse race. The tension rises immeasurably as soon as the starting signal has fallen.

But also with the gambling the same feeling worlds show up. Because here, too, everything revolves around being able to achieve the greatest possible profit. And ideally hitting the jackpot. On the same level, however, is next to the luck directly the bad luck. Because also losing belongs to the gambling and to betting to it. But it is exactly this eventuality that we subconsciously and sometimes even consciously like to switch off when we want to place our bets.

Online it is even easier

The fact that one can lose with bets and also with gambling, we switch off systematically in our feeling world. The hope of winning, being able to hold the right cards in one’s hand, prevails and seems to have simply thrown the equal chance and danger of losing overboard. Those who indulge in online gambling also have a much greater distance to this possibility and eventuality of losing. Even the so-called bad luck streaks seem to be ignored for the time being. However, there are also some positive effects of online gambling, such as Platin Casino. Many bonuses and special games let the player stay longer than he actually wanted to. The fact that you can play from the comfort of your own home is another reason why many people choose this option. In addition, as is often the case in real gambling in the casino, sitting at the table of a poker game, you do not really dare to simply drop out if you think that now is the right time to do so.

Betting and losing

Betting is in our nature and many times in our lives we have bet for one thing or another. The chance to win and also the confirmation that you might have had exactly the right hunch fill us with satisfaction and pleasure. Even the ancient Greeks and especially the Romans knew that if you bet on various games with stakes such as gold talers and Co. and enriches, still around a multiple the attraction and the explosiveness of the play in itself can increase. Losing, however, is not everyone’s cup of tea, and not everyone can take a loss lying down. Therefore, in gambling as well as in betting, it is very important to set a basic limit, at home as well as in the casino itself, beyond which you should not go in any case. Because this limit is like a bank and secures the player’s back. It should be calculated in such a way that the complete loss and all lost bets like games can be well absorbed and no substantial, financial damage can cause.

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