The biggest lottery wins among young people in Germany

The biggest lottery wins among young people in Germany

The biggest lottery wins among young people in Germany

According to the latest research, every German spends an average of 20 euros per week on various gambling offers. That’s €5 more than last year. The reason for this could be the legalization of sports betting, lotteries and last year even online gambling in this country. This is a great option for people who want to relax and still earn real money. Casino Switzerland Online offers its customers the best bonus offers and a wide selection of games of chance.

But Germany, Austria and Switzerland are known for their lottery games and players who don’t miss the daily or weekly draws. Unsurprisingly, most millionaires were found in the 6-of-49 draw with over 70 players. In this article you will learn more about the biggest lottery wins of young people.

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Who runs lotteries?

Lotteries have been popular in Germany for 400 years. Every now and then, you see people buying lottery tickets at special lottery kiosks. Tickets are also sold at gas stations 24 hours a day. Especially young people like to gamble. Young people in Germany buy tickets for a hundred euros and happily go home to watch the lottery.

The German lotteries are monopolized by the state. This means that in Germany only the state, or rather each individual state, can run a lottery. There are also private lotteries, but the lottery itself is still run by the state. The justification for such regulations is quite convincing: the state wants to protect gamblers from cheaters with them. In addition, the state ensures that the lottery proceeds are used only for social purposes. Half of the proceeds go to the winners, the rest is used for sports, art and the environment. There is also the lottery and casino games that improve memory. There are also websites where you can participate in the German National Lottery. But for this you must have a German address.

How the German lottery works

The German lottery is very similar to any other lottery in Europe, with the difference that Germans pick 6 numbers out of a possible 49. These numbers are selected by crossing out the numbers that the player thinks will appear in the next draw. Then there is the super number. This is the number from 0 to 9, which is in last place in a serial number. It is not difficult to calculate that in this system there are about 15.5 million possible outcomes. Including the last super number there are about 140 million. So the chances of winning the maximum number are not very high.

There are 10 winning levels in total. The lowest level is a few euros and is awarded if the super number and two of the six main numbers are guessed. The amount of the prize depends on how many people guess the combination, how many tickets are bought and how high the jackpot is. Drawings take place on television, usually on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The 49 small balls with the numbers are placed in a large glass ball. The balls are shuffled, a flap opens and one by one the six winning numbers are drawn from the ball. Another one, an extra one, comes from a separate reel. It has been calculated that only 2 percent of the participants in the lottery win at least a small prize. Of course, it is very rare to match all six numbers. The winning amount is then carried over to the next draw, increasing the jackpot.

Germany’s biggest lottery wins

In the history of lotteries in Switzerland, Germany and Austria there were some people who won huge amounts of money. Here are a few examples:

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