Bonus programs for slot machines

Bonus programs for slot machines

Bonus programs for slot machines

You are tired of constantly using only the free slots, in which there is only play money to win? You finally want to play one of your favorite games like Book of Ra with real money? Then it is high time to visit one of the many online casinos and take your luck into your own hands. But it gets even better: Most providers welcome you with incredible welcome gifts, bonuses or other surprises. Let’s take a look at the possible gifts that await you.

Bonus payments

The classic among the welcome gifts. Many casinos offer you extra payments to your gambling account as soon as you register there for the first time and make a deposit to that account. Often this means, for example, a 100% bonus, which means that your deposit is doubled up to a certain amount.

Another possibility of the bonus payment is that you get a pre-determined sum from the casino as a gift. This does not necessarily have to be based on your deposit, but it does require one.

But do not forget that you can not immediately transfer these bonus payments to your normal bank account. Rather, these must first be converted in the respective casino certain times, before you get access. However, if you are clever, you will eventually have the opportunity to receive money as a gift.

Free spins

These are especially interesting for fans of slot machines. So if you want to play slots like Book of Ra with real money, you should look out for these bonuses. Free spins then come in the form of Free Spins, gladly also times over 100 pieces with the first registration. Sounds like a nice thing to do for all frequent players. Also here applies however again the turnover rule!
Free spins are by the way not only with first registration a gladly granted bonus. Even for loyal customers, online casinos like to dig deep into their pockets and provide them with free spins after a successful, longer membership.

Play with real money without deposit – this is also possible!

Who’s not believe it, should definitely try it out once. Online casinos now offer their new customers the opportunity to get started right away, even though you haven’t even opened an account yet. This is then also with free spins granted for almost all available slots. Only difference? With these money can be earned immediately and be booked on his gambling account. From there you can then access all possible types and games of the casino. Of course, the turnover rule always applies!

Advantages for premium members

Loyalty pays off as we all know. This is also the case with online casinos, which sometimes dig deep into their pockets for their loyal customers. If you are planning to start a long-lasting gambling career at a particular online casino, then you should choose it carefully. Because depending on how good the VIP bonus programs are, you can skim off quite well. Gladly beckon the most loyal customers quickly once the following gifts or benefits:

  • personal customer service and advice
  • Loyalty bonuses (e.g.B. Hotel vouchers, flight vouchers or entertainment offers)
  • Cash gifts
  • Free spins for slot machines of any kind

One sees thus fast, loyalty is worthwhile itself! The gifts can be really big, even on birthdays or special festivities you often expect small surprises.

So you see, loyalty pays off. And the first step to this is paved by many different welcome gifts. The casino operators are coming up with more and more ideas, especially lately, in order to bind the many customers to them. Therefore, many bonuses may seem not very trustworthy at the beginning, but contrary to public opinion, they are absolutely reputable!

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