How an online casino test works

How an online casino test works

How does an online casino test work?

More and more online casinos are making their way into Germany, making the choice more difficult. At first glance, most websites appear the same, but under the hood there are sometimes serious differences. That is why it is recommended to read through an online casino test before registering.

But how do the results of such a control actually read and what should I pay special attention to as a player? We take a look behind the scenes and talked to a leading provider in this field.

Read through several online casino tests

First of all, it is advisable to read through more than one online casino review. Even if you have the feeling that you have discovered the right casino for you directly from the first experience report, you should still read reports from other providers. Only when you are able to compare casinos with each other, can you really make an informed decision.

On average, such test results have a DIN A4 – page long, so you only need a few minutes to read through 2-3 tests. Furthermore, comparison sites often provide indications of which online casinos are similar to each other, so that a lot of work is already done for you here.

Pay attention to the bonus package

Special attention should be paid to the casino’s bonus package, because depending on what type of player you are, the welcome bonus may not be suitable for you.

Play about mainly table or card games, then an online casino with 200 free spins at registration is rather unsuitable. This is because you can only use them on slot machines – you would therefore come away empty-handed when playing blackjack or roulette. If live casinos are your preference, then you should also look very carefully, because many providers exclude them from the welcome bonus. For this purpose, there are websites that offer special bonuses for live games. You can basically find all the information you need in a detailed online casino review.

Game selection under the microscope

After the bonus, your attention should be on the game catalog of the online casino. Do you like playing online slots, then ideally there should be hundreds, if not thousands of games available from different providers. You should also pay attention to which manufacturers the casino cooperates with, so that it is ensured that you also always have direct access to new releases.

Often, the selection of table, card and live games in online casinos is much smaller than slot machines, which is why you should definitely see if you are satisfied with the available titles before registering. Most comparison sites will give you a quick overview regarding the number of games, so you don’t even need to read through the entire review for that.

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Available payment options

Very important are also the payment options available to you. Whether you prefer to pay by credit card, e-wallet or bank transfer – make sure that the option is really available in the online casino of your choice. The common payment methods are basically always usable, but there are also exceptions.

At this point it should be said that online casinos in Germany currently do not accept PayPal. Last year, the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior issued a consistent ban on using PayPal for online gambling, whereupon the American payment service provider withdrew from this market. If a casino nevertheless advertises this payment method, then caution is advised, because it could be a non-licensed provider from overseas.

Pay attention to a German customer service

Even in the best online casino, things can go wrong, which is why good customer service is extremely important. This includes not only that this can be reached via multiple channels, such as email or phone, but also speaks your language.

A reputable online casino test will always inform you whether the provider’s employees speak German, so a quick look at the experience report is enough. If you are familiar with the English language, then you can of course also register carefree at a casino where German is not spoken.


We hope that we were able to bring you a little closer to the nature of casino tests and that you now know exactly how to read such a report in order to choose the right online casino. We hope you enjoy your next gaming experience and remember not to gamble beyond your means.

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