Soccer betting on the World Cup

Soccer betting on the World Cup

Soccer betting on the World Cup

The World Cup in Brazil has begun. And there have already been some surprises.Supposed top favorites did not live up to their role and others did better than expected before the World Cup. Who has placed a corresponding soccer bet on the Internet for such games, can be happy about a nice money profit. But inform yourself beforehand about the providers and bonus promotions, you can do that for example at www.football betting.tv very good.

The first round brought some surprises

Brazil is a real soccer country. Here soccer is lived, it has a very high value in daily life. It is logical that the population expects their own team to win the title at their home World Cup. But the opening match between Brazil and Croatia was not at all to the taste of Brazilian fans. Instead of dominating the game from the beginning, Brazil had a hard time with the opponent from Europe. Although they won the game in the end, also due to numerous referee errors, Brazil did not live up to its role as favorite.
Even a victory of the Croats would have been quite possible. Who had bet on a victory of the Croatian team, was therefore not so wrong. The betting odds would have given bettors a tidy profit.

Even Spain, the reigning world champion, fell far short of expectations. In the game against the Netherlands, despite an early lead through penalties, they really came under the wheels. The Dutch controlled the game at will, especially in the second half, and in the end sent the Spaniards to the dressing room with an inglorious 5:1.
Here, too, the betting odds had predicted something different. That's why the players who bet on a Dutch victory got a tidy profit.

The German team, on the other hand, surprised the crowd with its clear superiority over Portugal. Just like the Dutch, Germany turned the match against Portugal into a real training game. The Portuguese, after a foul only with 10 men on the pitch, were outclassed and served only as human obstacles for the German offense. Real resistance looks different. With 4:0 Germany took the lead in Group G and Portugal must already tremble in the games against Ghana and the U.S. for the advancement. With another defeat or a draw, the Portuguese can probably pack their bags already after the preliminary round.

Winning with sports betting

It remains exciting at the World Cup in Brazil, more surprises are not excluded. Nevertheless, in most games you can assume that the favorite will win. Especially in the group stage. Anyone who knows and has already dealt with the teams and their skills before the World Cup can turn their knowledge into money, with soccer betting.

Placing a sports bet on the winner should be possible for anyone interested in soccer. And with expertise and a little luck, it's easy to turn know-how into money.

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